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The beauty of Balance, personified in you.

Welcome to Ivy and Bat LLC. We offer limited edition handcrafted soaps, perfumes and scented candles in original scent blends and themes. Visit our shop for Goth and Fantasy inspired fine art prints  and posters, clothing and accessories, and home décor. We encourage you to join our Batz reward program and enjoy our eGift cards and Bat Box subscription service.

Shop Ivy and Bat today for your one-of-a-kind gothic look.

A little bit about us;
Our founder was inspired in 2015 to create a bath and body company based on the story of the goddess Persephone. As goddess of Spring, She embodies all of the natural beauty of flowers, and growing things. On the other hand, as the wife of Hades, She is queen of the Underworld and watches over the souls of the dead.
Her story creates a unique balance between Light and Dark and here at Ivy and Bat, we strive to bring a little piece of that harmony into every product that we create.

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