Harajuku Heart Lolita Cold Process Soap Bar

Harajuku Heart Lolita Cold Process Soap Bar


Harajuku Heart -  It is a playful new scent that pairs fresh cut roses with a fruity blend of raspberries, lemon drops, caramel, on a bed of clean down musks.

The details;
Approximately 4oz cold process soap. Weight depends on amount of water lossed during curing.
Measurements- 3" x 3" x 1"
ingredients; Our cold process soap is made with a blend of coconut, olive, sweet almond, castor and palm oils with beef tallow. These bars are not vegan, however the small amount of tallow is completely used up during the saponification process along with the other oils to make a bar that offers a creamier lather and a harder bar of soap. 

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