This parfum is oil based and designed to be long lasting. *A little goes a long way ;)

The scent created exclusively for this art is a blend of patchouli, orange blossoms, jasmine and musk with a hint of sandalwood to anchor it all. Alchemy is an ode to Lucifer himself. The original artwork is my imagining of Lucifer after His fall from grace. As the King of Hell and the first alchemist, He is shown with ember red skin and flowing red hair. He is dressed to kill in black leather and stands in an ancient temple before a stained glass window and wooden pentagram alter.

The details;

Size - 1oz black glass bottle with glass dropper. (This bottle is *NOT* TSA compliant.)

Ingredients - Organic carrier oil, fragrance blend, mica shimmer

* Due to the nature of oils and micas, some settling during shipping is to be expected. A quick shake of the bottle will redistribute the color before use.


Please see our TOS for questions regarding shipping, returns, ect....

Alchemy With The Devil Gothic Perfume Oil

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