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Bespoke soaps, scents, and candles as unique as you.

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At Ivy and Bat we create products using hand mixed formulas for a sensory experience as unique as you. We tend toward the Fantasy and Goth inspired niches, but we feel we have something for everyone. Our product lines are referred to as "Bespoke". This means that they are created in small quantity, limited editions. Each line will feature a central theme that coordinates with the feelings invoked by our exclusive scent blends. We offer a limited range of products at any given time, and some will be strictly seasonal. When a theme is gone, it will be noted on the site. Some themes may be brought back from time to time. Due to the nature of this arrangement, special orders cannot be accepted. (But feel free to email us if you simply have to have something. We may be able to let you know if and when something will be back ;D ) 

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Monday - Friday 9am-5pm CST (479)222-4092
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Eternal 2020

A unisex fragrance with top notes of green citrus mellowed by soft floral notes and a touch a fresh cut roses. The middle of this fragrance combines an infusion of neroli, violet, and herbs, with a bottom of powdery floral musk.